Serédi Jusztinián, Magyarország hercegprímása - Online

Since May series Collectanea Studiorum et Textuum’s third volume, namely Serédi Jusztinián, Magyarország hercegprímása (Collectanea Studiorum et Textuum, vol. I/3) is available for everyone on our website. Balázs Csiky’s monograph contains numerous unpublished sources about Archbishop Serédi’s achievements in pastoral and in canon law. The volume gives not just a comprehensive image on the life and career of Serédi, but presents new data from the rich source material available in the Vatican Archives.

The publication and edition of the book were supported by Fraknói Research Group and Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Centre for the Humanities Institute of History.

The book was presented on 3th April 2019 at Péter Pázmány Catholic University in Budapest. More information is available here