Péter Tusor, leader of the Fraknói Research Group gave an interview at M1 TV Channel on 1 June 2019 about the historical aspects of the journey of Pope Francis in Transylvania. The live interview can be accessed here.

2019. June 2.

After the presentation organised by the Fraknói Research Group in Budapest (January 2019), the new book of Giampiero Brunelli, professor of Universitá Telematica San Raffaele, was presented in Rome, 27 May in the conference hall of the Biblioteca di Storia Moderna e Contemporanea. The book is discussing the role of the papacy in the Long Turkish War in Hungary (1593–1606).

2019. May 27.

The 6th National Meeting of Church Historians was organised on 23 May 2019, where researchers and academics held a professional forum. The event was held in Nyíregyháza at the Saint Athanasius Greek Catholic Theological College, and the main organizer was Tamás Véghseő, rector of the institute and leader of the MTA–SzAGKHF Lendület Greek Catholic Research Group. Máté Gárdonyi, external associate of the Fraknói Research Group and professor of church history at PPKE HTK was the chairman of the meeting.

2019. May 23.
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The Vilmos Fraknói Vatican Historical Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Péter Pázmány Catholic University was established in the June of 2012 as the ‘Impetus’ Church History Research Group in the frame of the Church History Research Institute of the University founded by Rector Péter Erdő in 1999. It carries on independently the latter’s publications (Bibliotheca Historiae Ecclesiasticae Universitatis Catholicae de Petro Pázmány Nuncupatae) and researches in Rome and in Vienna, with the involvement of academic and other funding sources.


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Véghseő Tamásnak, a nyíregyházi Szent Atanáz Görögkatolikus Hittudományi Főiskola rektorának és az MTA-SzAGKHF Lendület Görögkatolikus Örökség Kutatócsoport vezetőjének invitálására vettem részt 2019.

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