At the Nuncio's Desk" - Lecture by Viktor Kanász

As part of the Latinitas Hungarica series, following the April presentations by Péter Tusor and Gábor Nemes, Viktor Kanász introduced the nature of the papal sources related to Girolamo Martinengo's nunciature (1550-1554). In his presentation titled "Vatican Sources on Martinengo's Nunciature," during his one-hour lecture, he elaborated in detail on the nature of the sources produced by the nunciature as a document-forming institution. These sources included reports sent to Rome, Martinengo's correspondence, documents from the nunciature's court, and the extensive records related to the Holy See's investigation into the murder of György Fráter. He presented where these unique Hungarian-related sources from the 16th century are preserved in various collections and discussed the 16th-18th-century copies made of these documents.

Lastly, he outlined the history and publication principles of the Nuntiaturberichte aus Deutschland source edition series, particularly relevant from the Hungarian perspective, as well as their usability in Hungary, the problems that arose during the publication, and the tasks that Hungarian researchers face in this regard.