Media appearances during the days of the Pope's visit.

The Fraknói Research Group has widely applied, promoted and updated the results of its Vatican research in the context of the Pope's visit. On 11 April, it participated in the preparation and implementation of a roundtable discussion organised by Pázmány Péter Catholic University; it contributed to the editing of the Rubicon issue on the history of the papacy (90% of the articles were written by members of the Research Group); it was interviewed by the Research Group in a podcast of the PPKE BTK, and Gábor Nemes and Péter Tusor gave a lecture in the framework of the Latinitas Hungarica series.

Péter Tusor and Balázs Rétfalvi acted as commentators on some public media channels during the days of the Pope's visit. On Pope Francis' arrival (here at 16:45 and  here at 16:18) and on his return, Péter Tusor spoke on M1 and on Híradó (21:25), and Balázs Rétfalvi on Kossuth Rádió's Reggeli Krónika (7:32). Péter Tusor also appeared on the TV show "Az Ezeréves szövetség. Magyarország és Szentszék" ("Thousand-year-old alliance: Hungary and the Holy See") from 2:00 to 8:35.