Jusztinián Serédi, the Prince Primate of Hungary – book presentation

The newly published book "Serédi Jusztinián, Magyarország hercegprímása" ("Justinian Serédi, the Prince Primate of Hungary") was presented to the public on 3 April 2019 at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University in Budapest. The book presentation, which also served as a memorial for Balázs Csíky, author of the volume, was organised by the Fraknói Research Group. The volume fits into the research group's series Collectanea Studiorum et Textuum, and Magyar Történelmi Emlékek. Értekezések, which belong to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Balázs Csíky (1978–†2016) related to our research group (previously called as the HAS-PPCU ‘Impetus’ Church History Research Institute) from 2015 as research fellow, and contributed with the research he was doing at the Vatican Archives on Angelo Rotta, papal nuncio, and Jusztinián Serédi, prince primate of Hungary. He aimed and worked to publish his PhD thesis (which he successfully defended in 2010 and received the degree summa cum laude), but due to his early death in 2016, it was Krisztina Tóth, his colleague in the research group, who concluded his manuscript and took the role of editorship.

The subject of Csíky's thesis and freshly published book is Jusztinián Serédi, primate of Hungary during 1927–1945. The volume gives not just a comprehensive image on the life and career of Serédi, but presents new data from the rich source material available in the Vatican Archives.

Péter Tusor, leader of the research group, described the strong cooperative relations between the author Csíky Balázs and the 'Impetus' Church History Institute. Rev. Máté Gárdonyi, external member of the research group, gave insight to the new scientific results uncovered by the book, and praised the framework of synthesis which he remarked as deliberate. Bernadett Diera and Eszter Gyóni, doctoral schoolmates of the author and Margit Balogh, doctoral supervisor of Balázs Csíky commemorated on Csíky with personal stories along with their thoughts on the volume.

Krisztina Tóth, editor of the book and research fellow of the research group, gave closing words and expressed his acknowledgment and gratitude to the great number of people who supported her in the editorial work, especially to the family of Csíki.

The event was followed by an agape.