Papal Visit - Diplomacy - History. Round table discussion

In preparation for the visit of the successor of St. Peter to Hungary from 28-30 April 2023, Pázmány Péter Catholic University (PPKE), with the active participation of the Vilmos Fraknói Vatican Historical Research Group, organised a round table discussion in the lobby of the PPKE ITK (Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics), one of the venues of the Pope's visit. The host, Dean György Cserey, was joined by Rev. Loránd Ujházi from the Research Centre of St. John Paul II Pope, and Péter Tusor, Tamás Fedeles, Viktor Kanász and Balázs Rétfalvi from the Fraknói Research Group. The discussion was moderated by Nándor Birher, Dean of the PPKE BTK (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences). The event promoted knowledge sharing between the faculties of the PPKE.

The photos below were taken by György Sági.