A new book of studies by the Research Group with international cooperation

As in previous years (see 2018 Budapest, 2019 Rome, 2021 Rome), the Fraknói Research Group continues its active cooperation with the Istituto Nazionale di Studi Romani and the Centre for Papal History and Central European Studies at the University of Viterbo. The latter has a working relationship of a decade and a half with the Research Group. In the framework of this collaboration, the international symposium "Foreign colleges in Rome in the modern era" (I Collegi per stranieri a Roma nell'età moderna) was held in Rome on 14 December 2022 at the Aventine. Edited by Alessandro Boccolini, Matteo Sanfilippo and Péter Tusor, published by Edizioni Sette Città of Viterbo (Studi di storia delle istituzioni ecclesiastiche 10). In addition to the editorial foreword, the volume of nine studies, mainly in Italian, some in English, and an index of names, deals with the question of foreign colleges in Rome. This work is the eighth publication of the Fraknói Research Group, published in international cooperation with a prestigious foreign publisher.

Details of the volume: I collegi per stranieri a/e Roma nell’ età moderna. I: Cinque-Settecento,  a cura di Alessandro Boccolni–Matteo Sanfilippo–Péter Tusor (Studi di storia delle istituzioni ecclesiastiche 10) Viterbo: Sette Citta 2023.


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