The EEHR co-edited by the Fraknói Research Group

Central and South-Eastern Europe between the Christian and Ottoman worlds: conflicts, encounters and compromises (XVI-XVIII centuries) is the title of the 2022 issue of the Eastern European History Review. The issue was co-edited by the Fraknói Research Group thanks to Katalin Nagy. 
In addition, several members of the Research Group have contributed to the journal. Tamás Kruppa (The written and oral disputies of István Szántó (Aratott)), Gábor Nemes (Instead of Anti-Ottoman Help an Anti-Imperial League: Papal Nuncio Giovanni Francesco Capi’s Mission of 1526), Tamás Fedeles (From the army of King Matthias to the service of God.: A case study on the role of the apostolic penitentiary in the promotions of clerics in the time of King Matthias Corvinus) and Viktor Kanász (Nuncio Girolamo Martinengo’s reports on the military events of 1552).

This publication is another important step and proof of the international cooperation and functional presence of the Fraknói Research Group in Italian and Vatican scholarship.

The full issue and the individual studies can be downloaded here.