The Documents of the Camera Apostolica about the Lands of Hungarian Holy Crown (1297–1536) I

vol. 9
† József Lukcsics, Tamás Fedeles, Péter Tusor et al (ed.)

Cameralia Documenta Pontificia de Regnis Sacrae Coronae Hungariae (1297–1536). I: Obligationes, Solutiones, edited by † JÓZSEF LUKCSICS–TAMÁS FEDELES–PÉTER TUSOR, cooperator GÁBOR NEMES, contributors András Koltai, Noémi Kalotai, Gergely Kiss, Zsanett Matus, Norbert C. Tóth, Ádám Bujdosó (CVH I/9), Budapest–Róma 2014. (lxiv + 384 p. + 1 pict.)


The Hungarian medieval studies and history of science repays its old debt by these two volumes of the Collectanea Vaticana Hungariae series that publishes a source collection essential for the Hungarian medieval church history researches. The medieval Hungary-related material of the Camera Apostolica was explored by József Lukcsics, the right hand of Vilmos Fraknói, at the beginning of the 20th century in the Vatican Secret Archives. However, his collection had not been published because of the structural problems of the 20th century Hungarian researches in the Vatican.

The volumes – made in teamwork of 9 research fellows of 7 Hungarian research institutes – contain this uniquely valuable exploration prepared for publication appropriate to the today’s academic demands, through which this almost inexhaustibly rich material becomes available both for Hungarian and international research. The source collection of more than one and a half thousand items offers the opportunity among others for the comparative study of the economic potential of late medieval Hungarian ecclesiastical institutions and benefices, for compiling the Hungarian ecclesiastical archontology of the age and for the analysis of the relations of the Hungarian church and the Italian banking houses.


The usage of the volumes is aided by rich apparatus (notes, Bibliography, Index and List of Documents) and by an extensive annotated English Summary Study.