Presentation by Tamás Kruppa on the work of the Jesuits in Transylvania

On 9th November 2022, the conference "The role of the Jesuit Order in the development and later operation of the University of Kolozsvár" was held in the Rector's headquarter at University of Szeged. The speakers gave an overview of the Jesuit Order in Transylvania from its beginnings in the 16th century to the 18th century, but the focus of the presentations was on the establishment of the Order in the 1580s. Presentations were given by Andrzej Paweł Bieś S.J. and Zoltán Koronkai S.J., as well as László Szögi and Apor Kis Pető. 
Tamás Kruppa, Senior Research Fellow of the Fraknói Research Group, gave a lecture entitled "From Rome to Kolozsvár. Antonio Possevino and István Szántó (Arator) in Transylvania". The lecturer put the activities of Antonio Possevino and István Arator Szántó in Transylvania into a broader context of the work of the institution in Kolozsvár.