• 2021. January 8.


    Leading conservative daily Die Presse has published a detailed article about Bischofslexikon der Habsburgermonarchie 1804–1918. The Lexicon edited by University of Vienna and Vilmos Fraknói Vatican Historical Research Group. The volume of more than 700 pages has been published by Duncker & Humblot (Berlin).

    Lexicon presentations in Rome, Vienna and Budapest are under organization. We are waiting for the end of the pandemic situation.


  • 2021. January 14.


    Michaela Valente has published a  review in the famous journal Revue d'Histoire Ecclésiastique about the joint work of Edizioni Sette Città and Vilmos Fraknói Vatican Historical Research Group namely Gli “angeli custodi” delle monarchie: I cardinali protettori delle nazioni. The mentioned joint book has published in Viterbo in 2018. Roman book presentation was in 2019 at Pontificia Università della Santa Crocé.

  • 2021. February 18.

    Viktor Kanász research fellow of Vilmos Fraknói Vatican Historical Research Group held an online lecture on 17th of February at the course of István Hatvani College in Debrecen. In his lecture Viktor Kanász focused on Vatican Apostolic Archives' history and myths. As well as he analyzed the opportunities for a researcher in the Apostolic Archives.
    Finally he also introduced our Research Group for those interested.

  • 2021. February 5.


    One of the best renowned historians in the topic of early modern papal diplomacy Alexander Koller has published a review about Rotraud Becker's and Péter Tusor's latest book “Negozio del S.r Card. Pasman”. Péter Pázmány’s Imperial Embassage to Rome in 1632 (With Unpublished Vatican Documents) in the journal of Quellen und Forschungen aus italienischen Archiven und Bibliotheken.

     Here you can reach the review.

  • 2021. February 18.

    Hungarian Television's cultural TV program namely Magyar Krónika (Hungarian Chronicle) presented Cardinal Péter Pázmány's life and life work. In the documentary among others Péter Tusor leader of the Vilmos Fraknói Vatican Historical Research Goup gave an interview about Cardinal Pázmány's career and life. Péter Tusor mentioned also the scientifical opportunities of the researching in the Vatican Apostolical Archives.