Late medieval papal documents in the archives of the Carpathian Basin

The latest volume of the Collectanea Vaticana Hungariae, containing a repertory of late medieval papal publications preserved in the archives of historical Hungary, has been published. The work, published as volume II/10 of the CVH, has identified 672 documentary texts hidden in more than a thousand charters from more than a hundred years between 1417 and 1526 in the archives of the Carpathian Basin. Using the manuscripts and editions collected during the research, a data set was compiled for each charter text, including the date, incipit, address, manuscripts preserving the text of the charter, and editions. The study of more than 300 original charters in the volume has also helped to compile a repertory of Curia officials, thus enabling it to contribute to the collection of prosopographies and biographies of the persons who worked in the Curia offices of the Papal States, which was begun decades ago by Thomas Frenz, a renowned professor of diplomacy and palaeography at the University of Passau. This handbook will be of use not only to scholars of ecclesiastical, political and social history, but also of diplomacy.