Participation of the Fraknói Research Group at the 'Mohács500' conference

On 2 December 2022, a conference was organised in the building of the Pécs Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, co-organised by the Fraknói Research Group, to present the latest research results on the Battle of Mohács (1526). Tamás Fedeles participated in the conference as section chairman, Gábor Nemes, Tamás Kruppa and Viktor Kanász as speakers.
In his presentation, Gábor Nemes analysed the development of Papal-Hungarian relations between 1521 and 1526 from the perspective of the Apostolic See.
Tamás Kruppa gave a lecture entitled "Additions to the History of the Venetian-Hungarian-Papal Alliance of 1501". With the help of a recently discovered Bologna codex, which contains reports by the Venetian ambassador Sebastiano Giustinian and his envoys who were in Buda between 1500 and 1502, we can reconstruct the negotiations leading to the treaty in greater detail than ever before.
Viktor Kanász gave a presentation on a misunderstood source and one that is still unknown to researchers, showing what János Szalánci and Pietro Duodo knew and how they felt about the Battle of Mohács and the death of King Louis II.