Viktor Kanász presented the book of Irén Bilkei in Sárvár

The 94th Festive Book Week was the occasion for the presentation of Irén Bilkei's book "Hermelines subák, vízjeles papírok és a szelídített szarvas" - Everyday life in the Western Transdanubian region in the 15th-16th centuries on 8 June 2023 in the Hall of Fame of the Sárvár Castle. The book was published jointly by the Nádasdy Cultural Centre and Szülőföld Publishing House.
The guests were welcomed by the head of the Nádasdy Cultural Centre, Zoltán Bálint Takács and Deputy Mayor Tivadar Máhr. The book was presented by Viktor Kanász, a researcher of the Fraknói Research Group, who is also involved in the late medieval and early modern history of the region.