Róbert Oláh P.'s Lectures in Komárom and Győr

On October 24, Róbert Oláh P., scientific assistant of the Fraknói Research Group, delivered a lecture titled "School-Network-Career: Education and Career Path in 18th-century Hungary" at János Selye University upon the invitation of the student History Workshop. During the lecture, he presented the state of Catholic education in 17th and 18th-century Hungary and the educational backgrounds and career paths of the canons of Győr during that period.

The following day, on October 25, in Győr, at the XXV. Győr and XI. Kisalföld Archive Day, he discussed the research related to Bishop Ferenc Zichy's Roman agents and their correspondence. He presented "Győr's Ecclesiastical Representation in Rome: Ferenc Zichy and Poloni's" to a large and interested audience.