Consistorialia Documenta Pontificia de Regnis Sacrae Coronae Hungariae (1426–1605)

vol. 7
Péter Tusor–Gábor Nemes (ed.)

PÉTER TUSOR–GÁBOR NEMES, Documents of Papal Consistories about the Lands of the Holy Crown of Hungary (1426–1605) (CVH I/7), Budapest–Rome 2011. (lxviii + 304 p. with 2 pict., 1 map)

The volume publishes Hungaricums from the 15-16th centuries, that can be found in one of the most important and extensive fonds of the Archivio Segreto Vaticano, called Archivio Concistoriale. The Latin (and Italian) documents with Hungarian extracts give new data not only to the roman connections of the Hungarian church organization and state from the late middle ages and the early modern ages – among them from the period around the battle of Mohács –, but at the same time also bring closer the historical science and the interested reader to the getting to know of the contemporary appointment of prelates and to the creating of the prosopography of the having been formed catholic church elite. In many cases they give long-needed data to local and cultural history about the state and life of the episcopal sees.


The work is the result of a research project of several years’ standing in the Vatican archives. The detailed historical Introduction, extensive bibliographical and archival apparatus – the later draws for instance from Vienna collections – furthermore the Index, that is rich in data, and a large English Summary make the usage of the documents easier.