Jusztinián Serédi, the Prince Primate of Hungary

Balázs Csíky

BALÁZS CSÍKY: Jusztinián Serédi, the Prince Primate of Hungary (edited, vetted and redacted by Krisztina Tóth) (CST I/3, Magyar Történelmi Emlékek. Értekezések), Budapest 2018. 484 p. + suppl. (14 photos)

Balázs Csíky, the late research fellow of the HAS-PPCU ‘Impetus’ Church History Research Institute was born in 1978 in Budapest. After concluding secondary school at Pannonhalma at the Benedictines, he graduated in history and in archival studies in 2003 and in political science in 2004 at the Faculty of Arts at the Eötvös Loránd University. In 2003 he won first prize at the OTDK and for his outstanding academic achievement during his university years he got Pro Scientia Gold Medal. He obtained a PhD degree in the autumn of 2010 at the Eötvös Loránd University with his dissertation wrote on Prince Primate Jusztinián Serédi. From 2015 he joined in the work of the HAS-PPCU ‘Impetus’ Church History Research Institute as a research fellow having János Bolyai Research Scholarship. Parallel, he worked on the further development, expansion of the text of his PhD-thesis, but he could not finalize this work due to his death in 2016. Instead of him, his colleague in the research group, Krisztina Tóth concluded his manuscript and the volume was published in her edition. The book that can be held this way in the hands of the readers, presents comprehensively the less known chapters of Jusztinián Serédi’s life and career: his work as an archbishop and as a canonist and his political role in the Horthy Era. The book of Balázs Csíky is the first monograph that examines the activity of Serédi as the prince primate of Hungary, forming a synthesis from the rich and manifold source material.