The VIII University Workshop was held on 28 March

On 28 March 2023, at the Central Seminary were organized the presentation of the volume I/19 (Lósy, Lippay, Szelepchény. Three microbiographies from the early modern period with the publication of the Vatican investigation reports, 1625–1666), Budapest–Róma 2022 of the VaticanHungarian history series (Collectanea Vaticana Hungariae). The author, Péter Tusor, presented the research, its methods and the main results to the students of the Catholic University and other attendees.
In his preface, he emphasized that the canonical investigation records of the 17th century are an important source base for the scientific work of the Fraknói Research Group. Continuing the work begun with the publication of the processus informativus of Péter Pázmány (1616-1637) (CVH II/6), the present volume contains and analyses the sources from the appointment of three of Pázmány's successors: Imre Lósy (1637-1642), György Lippay (1642-1666) and György Szelepchény (1666-1685).
One of the important theses of the research is that although Lósy, Lippay and Szelepchény do not yet have the princely crown in their coat of arms, which symbolises their secular rank and feudal autonomy, it is already present in their aspirations, demands, and actual ecclesiastical and political practice. In fact, their real power and actual influence on national politics, based on Pázmány's aspirations, was far greater than that of their successors in the following three centuries.

You can download the volume here.