István Báthory and the Holy See - lecture by Tamás Kruppa

Stephen Bathory-Báthory István-Stefan Batory: Shape and Effect in International Comparison a conference on the reign of the Transylvanian prince and Polish king Báthory István (1571-1586) was held at the ELTE BTK between 1416 September. Speakers from different countries presented their research results in 7 sessions, representing the same number of approaches. The Fraknói Research Group was represented by Tamás Kruppa, Senior Research Fellow, who gave a presentation in the Religious Policy section on 'Báthory und der Heilige Stuhl. Antitürkische Pläne und katholische Mission'. He presented the anti-Turkish league plans which he considered to be Báthory's life programme. For the grandiose offensive, launched simultaneously on land and sea, which was linked to the conversion of the Orthodox world, therefore the abolition of the great schism, he won the support of Gregory XIII and Sixtus V. The King's last detailed war plan, from 1586, is preserved in the manuscript of the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana under the title Parere di Stefano.