International conference about Barberini-dynasty

On 14th of December 2021 leader of the Research Group Péter Tusor participated in an online conference namely Barberini e l'Europa which was organized by Università di Chieti, az Università della Tuscia and MTA-PPKE Fraknói Research Group. The Italian Spanish, French and Hungarian participants analyzed Barberini's effects on baroque art and politics. Based on newly explored sources apart of Urbano's VIII pontificate lecturers introduced Antonio (1569–1646), Francesco (1597–1679), youngest Antonio (1608–1671), Carlo (1630–1706) and Francesco (1662–1738) Barberini's career. Péter Tusor presented Barberini dinasty's often difficult relation with the Hungarian Kingdom during the 17th century.
Above-mentioned lectures are going to be published in Acta Barberiniana by Edizioni Sette Città.