The first workshop seminar of the Fraknói Research Group in Pécs - Interview at Magyar Kurír

The first workshop seminar of the Fraknói Research Group was organised at the University of Pécs on 11 October 2017.

The first lecture was given by Péter Tusor, leader of the Research Group, who gave a summary of the Vatican research from Vilmos Fraknói until the present days. He was followed by Tamás Fedeles, who presented his results concerning the collectors of the Apostolic Camera in the 14th century. Gábor Nemes gave a lecture about the relations between the diocese of Győr and the Roman Curia in the medieval period. Bálint Lakatos analyzed precedentials in the Roman Curia and the debates between certain legates. Viktor Kanász lectured on the murder of György Fráter, to which he was able to provide new data as well. Finally, Tamás Kruppa investigated the connection between politics and religion in the early 17th century Transylvania through the works of the jesuit Giovanni Argenti.

The lectures themselves were parallel with the recently published book Hungary and the Holy See of Rome II. Hungarian Historical Researches of the 21th Century in the Vatican.

We also gave an interview on the occasion of the event to Magyar Kurír.