"Ferenc Forgách's Documents" - Vatican sources from the early 17th century

The latest volume of the Collectanea Vaticana Hungariae, (CVH II/9.) containing the selected political correspondence of Ferenc Forgách, has been published. Forgách’s correspondence and his politics started at the same time as István Bocskai’s uprising, which is one of the most contested periods of Hungarian history in the 17th century.  The volume is the result of research in foreign archives that began decades ago. The published sources are mainly from the Fondo Borghese and Segreteria di Stato of the Vatican Apostolic Archives and the Archivio Ferrero of the Biella State Archives. The published documents shed more light than ever before on the personality of Ferenc Forgách and the key role he played in preserving and rescuing Catholicism in Hungary, which had been in a very serious situation as a result of the Bocskai Uprising.
The sources were researched and processed by Tamás Kruppa, a member of the research team. In its broader context, the volume fits well into international nunciature research.