Publikationen der Ungarischen Geschichtsforschung in Wien (PUGiW) newly published book was presented in Vienna on 26 November 2019. The new volume of PUGiW namely Nicolaus Olahus 450 edited by Rita Emőke Szilágyi.

The book presentation was organised at the Collegium Hungaricum in Vienna where the editor and Christian Gastgaber (Institut für Mittelalterforschung, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften) were presented the new volume. The aim of this book is to introduce Miklós Oláh’s life and main results of his activity as prelate of Hungary.

2019. November 29.

On 21st November 2019 Fraknói Research Group and Universitá della Tuscia DISUCOM presented they newly joint volume of studies in Rome namely Gli „angeli custodi”delle monarchia. I cardinali protettori delle nazioni.

2019. November 25.

Olivier Poncet, professor and director of the Parisian École Nationale des Chartres held two lectures on 14th and 15th of November 2019 at Péter Pázmány Catholic University.

2019. November 14.
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The Vilmos Fraknói Vatican Historical Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Péter Pázmány Catholic University was established in the June of 2012 as the ‘Impetus’ Church History Research Group in the frame of the Church History Research Institute of the University founded by Rector Péter Erdő in 1999. It carries on independently the latter’s publications (Bibliotheca Historiae Ecclesiasticae Universitatis Catholicae de Petro Pázmány Nuncupatae) and researches in Rome and in Vienna, with the involvement of academic and other funding sources.


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Csaknem száz évvel ezelőtt, 1926-ban örvendetes hírről számolt be Áldásy Antal a Turul folyóirat hasábjain: Bevilaqua Béla, az Országos Hadimúzeum őre jóvoltából hozzájutott egy II. Lajos király által kiadott címereslevélhez.

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